The Global Leadership Summit (GLS) is a world-class annual event with top-level speakers. The GLS is carefully designed and selected to be strategically diverse. These are leaders whose world view, political leanings, and religious perspectives may be very different from yours. Yet each has a leadership story filled with hard-won truths, born in the trenches of experience.


We envision a movement of Christians and churches maximizing their full leadership potential to impact the world.


To inspire and equip world-class leadership that ignites transformation


  • Intentionally Christ-centered
  • Intellectually rigorous, challenging
  • Focused on the application
  • First level in speakers and experience
  • Diversity of speakers
  • Local participation – Global reach
  • Oriented towards collaboration


  • WE DEPEND ON GOD: We seek God’s direction and discernment through prayer.
  • ORIENTED TOWARDS RESULTS: We focus on continuous growth because of our desire to improve.
  • RESILIENT FLEXIBILITY: We respond and adapt to challenges and opportunities with a willingness to change.
  • COOPERATION: We value the diversity and uniqueness of each other’s gifts and we believe that together we are better.
  • WILLING TO LEARN: We listen and respond to feedback with genuine humility, – open to new ideas, people, styles, and opinions.
  • COMMUNITY: THE We genuinely care for each other beyond our work.
  • EXCELLENCE THAT HONORS GOD: We give the best of ourselves in the stewardship of our gifts, abilities and experiences with the people and resources available.